Cold Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Updated: May 9

Although there are nearly two dozen FDA-approved medications for treating multiple sclerosis, perhaps none of them work as well as whole body cold water immersion.

The dangers of overheating are well known to both those who suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) and their doctors. For example, Guthrie & Nelson (1995) described a myriad of mechanisms and complications that arise in MS patients exposed to high temperatures -- a phenomenon that has been well-known for decades (e.g., Nelson & McDowell 1959).

Might it stand to reason that, since heat is bad for MS, then cold therapy might be good?

Two of our best customers at Morozko Forge think so.

Former Navy SEAL Justin Hoagland (pictured above) and FUMS, Inc. Founder Julie Blew have both chronicled in other articles their experiences using ice baths to maintain their super-active life styles despite otherwise crippling diagnoses of MS (see below).

However, medical science has largely overlooked the mechanism by which cold water immersion offers relief from the same symptoms that high temperatures create. For instance, Miller et al. (20