An entry-level ice bath priced for beginning biohackers, buy the Cold Forge to save the expense of buying ice.  


Cold Forge does not have a built-in water filtration system.  Weekly water changes are recommended, depending on frequency of use.

Ozone disinfection and microfiltration make the Filtered Forge a practically maintenance free ice bath.


Never add chemicals. Filter changes recommended only twice a year.

The ideal home ice bath for daily Wim Hof cold plunge practitioners.

The apogee of ice baths, Prism Forge employs a stainless steel cold tub suitable for commercial use at cryotherapy spas and wellness centers.

The best and most cost-effective cold water immersion equipment for sports teams, therapists, and medical professionals administering cryotherapy.

Affordable water treatment system for chest freezers, cold plunge DIY'rs, and an upgrade to Cold Forge, the Hydra will vacuum debris and disinfect homemade cold plunge tubs.  


Cold Forge customers may inquire for price discounts.