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Morozko Forge

Ice Baths for Sale

first ice bath tub that makes ice
microfiltration & ozone for crystal clear water
electrically grounded for health & safety

Made in the USA

Backed by Science

2 & 5 year Warranty

Financing Available

The Coldest Ice Baths in the World


Ozone disinfection and microfiltration make the Filtered Forge a practically maintenance free ice bath.​ The ideal home ice bath for daily cold plunge practitioners.


Apprx. 3-5 week lead time.

  • Personal or low-volume business use

  • 16ga stainless steel tub with angled back, handcrafted in Phoenix AZ

  • 3-year warranty

  • 31-1/4" wide, 33" high

  • 60", 66" and 72" tub lengths available

  • Cedar frame & marine-grade plywood

  • Marine Grade Coated

  • Full insulated for indoor or outdoor use

  • 110V, grounded electrical (international wiring available upon request)

  • Microfiltration & ozone disinfection


The apogee of ice baths, Prism Forge employs a stainless steel cold tub suitable for commercial use at cryotherapy spas and wellness centers. 

Partner plunge.jpeg

Apprx. 3-5 week lead time.

  • Everything in the standard model plus:

  • Build for high-volume use

  • 50% increased cooling power 

  • 5-year warranty

  • Guaranteed service within 72 hours by Morozko technicians

  • Staff training and certification in the Morokzo Method™ deliberate cold exposure guidance and coaching


Why Morozko Forge?

Morozko Forge is the first ice bath that maintains freezing cold temperatures.


Unlike a cold tub or a cold plunge, your Forge allows you to set the temperature for your practice of deliberate cold exposure to as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Marine-grade materials and extensive protection make your Forge suitable for outdoor installation.  Covers that extend the life of your finish are available upon request.

International shipping options makes Morozko Forge the best ice bath for sale anywhere in the world.

Ozone for Ice Water

Built-in filtration means less frustration.  Just swipe the lint filter after each plunge. 


There is no need to schedule regular water changes, because Morozko Forge uses proven plasma-arc discharge ozone generation to keep your water crystal-clear..

Ozone is the most powerful and safest water disinfecting agent available. 


Laboratory testing has shown that ozone can kill bacteria and deactivate viruses in seconds.


Because ozone is made from oxygen, it contains no chlorine or bromine.

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