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Morozko on the Joe Rogan Experience

"I’m a giant fan of the cold plunge.  34 degrees does a body good!
Thank you Morozko for making such an awesome unit."

- Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan may be Morozko's biggest fan. 


Since his first ice bath in the summer of 2022, Rogan has been talking about the benefits of ice bath and cold plunge therapy with the athletes, scientists, and comedians on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


  • With David Goggins he described how an ice bath before his workout is more difficult, but may increase his testosterone.  He even quoted Dr. Seager's article What Happened to My Testosterone When I Used Ice Baths to Treat My Prostate.

  • With Stanford Professor Andrew Huberman, Rogan talked about the difference between plunging at 33F and 50F and how important colder temperatures are to him.

  • With Rick Rubin, Joe wondered about the risks of hypothermia and the way that ice baths can help confront and overcome fears.

Most of Rogan's guests are skeptical.  Gary Brecka said, "I haven't seen a lot of evidence that there are benefits from going colder," and asked Rogan why he plunged in temperature so cold.  "Because it sucks worse, and that's why I do it" Rogan told him.

A Morozko Ice Bath is not for everyone.

None of Rogan's Morozko Ice Bath mentions are paid for.  Morozko has no advertising relationship with Rogan, and he doesn't collect any commissions.  That may be partly why Rogan's audience trusts him so much. 


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