Deliberate Cold Exposure for Diabetes - glucose monitoring data

Updated: May 9

According to Dr. Benjamin Bikman in Why We Get Sick (2020) many of the leading causes of death originate in a phenomenon call insulin resistance. Although the mechanisms of insulin resistance are complex, mitochondrial abnormalities are the primary culprit (e.g., Kim et al. 2008).

According to the mitochondrial theory of insulin resistance, excess energy in the form of glucose enters the cell faster than it can be consumed, creating a logjam of free radicals that damage the mitochondria. Thus, shutting down insulin receptors at the cell walls may be the body's desperate attempt to slow the transport of glucose to mitochondria, protecting them from further free radical a damage. As a consequence, blood glucose levels remain higher than normal, signaling islet cells in the pancreas to secrete more insulin.

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