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XL Ice Plunge for Athletes

Built for champions, and great for all sizes

Morozko XL Ice Plunge wooden exterior box with 49ers logo
The San Francisco 49ers football team needed ice baths with a compact footprint that could still fit massive NFL players' bodies. Morozko is building them the XL Ice Plunge.

We built the original Morozko Ice Plunge to the specifications of Canadian physician Dr. Paul Kudlow, who required a compact footprint and wanted the experience of sitting, rather than lying down in his ice bath. He's ecstatic with his purchase, which you can tell from his review.

5-star Review for Morozko Ice Plunge

But there was one problem.

To fit Dr. Kudlow's footprint requirements, the Ice Plunge was built to accommodate individuals up to about 6'1" and 300 lbs. We asked our carpenter, Spenser, to test it while it was in production, and it passed for him.

However, pro basketball and football players are typically much taller than Spenser. When a former D1 basketball player who is 6'11" told us he "had to go bigger," we did a custom expansion of the Ice Plunge's dimensions and called it the "XL."

When he came to our Studio in Phoenix to test out the prototype, he said he loved it and told us it was "perfect."

At the time, we didn't give much consideration to making more.

Then the San Francisco 49ers called. They said they wanted three of the new Ice Plunges that they had seen on Instagram, and three more of the Morozko Ice Bath Pros, too.

Several players on the team, including Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, Mitch Wishnowski, and Christian McCaffery, had already purchased ice baths for their homes. Even General Manager John Lynch bought a Morozko for his backyard, so it made sense for the 49ers to get Morozko for the locker room, too.

The only problem is that the locker rooms are small, and the players are big -- potentially too big for our standard Ice Plunge.

So, we dusted off the old XL Ice Plunge plans and made three brand-new units to accommodate some of the world's largest athletes.

We recently asked AQ Shipley, who spent 12 years in the NFL (mostly with the Arizona Cardinals), to come into our production studio and put the XL we had built through its paces.

He warned us that he was considered short as an NFL lineman, but that didn't bother us. AQ trains several younger linemen who come to Arizona every year, and we wanted his opinion both as a former player and a trainer.

Despite being almost a foot shorter than the XL's original customer, AQ also told us it was "perfect."

The appeal of the XL is that you sit taller in the bath when you plunge. AQ told us that he feels more in control in an upright position, rather than supine, and he likes that he doesn't have to brace himself against the sidewalls like in the Ice Bath.

We've had similar reactions from our Morozko carpenters and engineers, who range from 5'5" to a little over 6ft. Our 5'8" Senior Innovative Engineer, Daniel Allen, says that the XL Ice Plunge is by far his favorite Morozko model for plunging.

So, while the XL was designed for super-sized elite athletes, it has become a true crowd-pleaser that is a good fit for any body type.

For all these reasons, as well as the enthusiastic reaction we received on social media, we have added the XL Ice Plunge to our Morozko lineup.

The first 12 XL Ice Plunges are being offered at a $5,000 pre-order discount.

Delivery of these 12 units will be on a first-come-first-served basis, at a pace of one per week until Columbus Day. When those 12 are sold, the regular retail price will go up to $29,900 and the lead times will be six to eight weeks.

The XL Ice Plunge includes all of the same benefits as our Ice Bath and Ice Plunge PRO models, including exterior color selection, more cooling power, upgraded disinfection and filtration, and custom logo engraving. They are ideal for commercial and luxury home use.

To reserve your XL Ice Plunge, click on the product image below.

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