We provide the science, experience, and equipment to lead a more natural life in this unnatural world. 

Ben Greenfield Sitting in Morozko Forge Ice Bath

"Every single day during this quarantine, right before dinner, my boys and I have been doing meditation and breathwork in the sauna for 20 minutes, followed by a long cold soak in the Morozko Forge.

"I can’t recommend this highly enough."


Ben Greenfield

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Thomas Seager Ice Bath in the Morozko Forge


Having your own ice bath at home can provide a life-changing improvement in your personal health. 


Scientific studies and our own experience indicate that deliberate cold exposure will:

  • Boost immune strength.

  • Reverse aging.

  • Promote weight loss.

  • Enhance mitochondrial function.

  • Regulate autoimmune disorders.

Read more about the science and experience of deliberate cold exposure in The Journal of the Morozko Method.

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