We provide the world's only ice bath that makes its own ice! We developed the only filtration system for ice baths that doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals. The most powerful and safe disinfecting agent available for water treatment systems is ozone -- more powerful than chlorine and bromine, and safer because it consists only of pure oxygen. Ozone is terrific for cleaning water, which is why it is used in the most advanced drinking water treatment plants in the world.


Our team has been biohacking their way towards wellness. We developed a comprehensive lifestyle method to increase your immune strength, reverse aging, and build emotional resilience. We use food, deliberate cold exposure, and other stressors to build our anti fragility.


It is challenging to sit in 32 degree water for two whole minutes. Our resident Cold Coach, Adrienne Jezick, developed a method to carry you through your deliberate cold exposure practice with guided mediation and sound and vibration healing. She incorporates the use of essential oils and sensory stimulation to enhance inner peace through your cold immersion journey.


The Forge is the first ice bath in the world to maintain freezing temperatures in crystal clear, chlorine-free waters. It facilitates daily practice of deliberate cold exposure for metabolic health, stress inoculation, and building antifragile, psychological resilience.



Phoenix Arizona, USA

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