6ft Prism Forge

6ft Prism Forge

Prism Forge is built for business, with a custom-welded stainless steel tub and upgraded cooling capacity to facilitate frequent plunging.  With a 5yr warranty, Prism Forge is ideal for health, wellness, and recovery centers, spas, teams, gyms, and other commercial operations seeking to provide the height of cold exposure therapy equipment to wellness clients.


Tubs are available in 5ft and 6ft lengths. Tub length is 26" wide x 22" high and either 5' or 6' long depending on your selection.


Prism Forge epitomizes the spirit of Morozko in durability and beauty, and will be popular among clients who value an aesthetic, spiritual experience, for exercise recovery, stress relief, and health optimization.  It maintains constant water temperature that can be monitored and adjusted from the control device installed in every Forge.  When installed outside, defrost cycling protects Prism Forge from freezing during winter at temperatures as low as 0F for up to 12 hours.


The Prism Forge is designed for outdoor or indoor installation, although we do recommend patio covering if kept outdoors.


The Prism Forge will maintain water temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, under ambient air temperature conditions of up to 110F, at a loading rate of 90 minutes of cold plunge per day.


The unit weighs up to 300lbs empty, depending on length.


Shipping varies by location.  Delivery is available for $180 within Maricopa County and $245 in greater Arizona.


Order online for immediate placement in our production queue at flat rate shipping, or email info@morozkoforge.com for a custom quote for delivery to your curb and to inquire about rates that include indoor or backyard installation.


    • Standard three-pronged 110v power cord, no need for additional wiring or dedicated circuit. Uses less electricity than most hair dryers. 
    • Overall unit dimensions are less than 92 inches long by 29-1/2 inches wide and weighs 300lbs empty.
    • Will maintain water temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit under ambient air conditions of up to 110F, for up to 200 minutes of immersion per day.
    • Return for refund of purchase price if not ecstatic after 30 days.

    Return for refund of purchase price if not ecstatic after 30 days. 
    5-year warranty against malfunction. All refunds prior to production will be subject to a 3% processing fee.


    The Forge is sold for personal, recreational use.  The Forge is not a medical product. No medical claims or warranties are made. The Forge has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Cold water immersion entails health risks. Customers are responsible for their own safety and plunge at their own risk. Consult your medical doctor about risks and benefits specific to your conditions.

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