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The Morozko Method™

The Morozko Method™ is a sensory immersive mindful meditation to help you through the stress response experienced in freezing water. By learning this method you will be able to activate it through any situation that causes a stress response, allowing you to invoke calm anytime, anywhere.

Creator, Adrienne Jezick


When Adrienne took her first ice bath in November, 2017, she struggled to move through the fight or flight response in the ice. She knew that if she could find a way to breathe and stay in for at least 2 minutes, she would start to see the health benefits she needed to eventually reverse all traces of autoimmune from her system.

This is when she began to draw on her knowledge to use her senses to bring her out of her head and into her body. As she started to heal, and share her story, she also used her technique to help others achieve two minutes fully submerged in freezing water. Using the Morozko Method™ with Deliberate Cold Exposure, Adrienne reversed all trace of autoimmune. 

Now she teaches this method in person, online and has Certified Morozko Method™ Guides all over the world as she helps others with their own healing journeys. 

Morozko Method™ Meditations

 Let Adrienne guide you along on your healing journey with her new meditations designed to help you move through grief, rage, healing and love. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of ice baths, these meditations are a wonderful way to enhance your practice and deepen your connection to your body and mind. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the transformative power of guided meditation.

How is the Morozko Method™ different?

The Morozko Method™ is a technique that can be done in under 5 minutes to prepare you or your clients for the plunge. You will use sensory immersion and calm, grounded breathing to bring you into your body and out of the anxious head space. This method brings nurturing energy to the challenge of the practice. This technique has proven effective even for well practiced Deliberate Cold Exposure enthusiasts, such as top athletes, actors, CEOs and others in high power and high stress positions. This is a method that can be used through any time in your life that you experience the stress response. It is powerful, it is effective, it will change the way you approach and manage stress.

What do I get in the workshop?

  • Morozko Method™ Certification

  • Join worldwide network of Certified Guides

  • Monthly group DCE calls with all Certified Guides

  • 2 one hour calls with me in your first year

  • Featured spot on upcoming Certified Guide Page on Morozko Forge website

  • Use of Morozko Forge logo for promotion

  • Ongoing access to support via email

  • Discount on Morozko Ice Bath

  • Course materials, physical and digital copy

  • Copy of all photo and media content created during course workshop

What do I do in a workshop?

  • Learn the Morozko Method™ Guided Technique

  • Discover safety protocols, contraindications, mineral support and best practices

  • Practice technique with hands on experience

  • Study use of sound bowls, essential oils, directed lighting and ceremony space to create a memorable Deliberate Cold Exposure journey for your and your clients

  • Learn how to add this practice on to your existing wellness business or how to create one with only the cold!

Try a Morokzo Method™ Meditation

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