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Wim Hof Taught Me to Adapt to Stress

Updated: Jan 23

I was one of those people that was very good at hiding my stress. I was so good at hiding from others, I never knew I was actually hiding it from myself.

I would say things like, "Aww, I'm good, Man. I'm stress free!"

Little did I know I was only fooling myself.

We become masters at things in our lives that we don't even realize are crippling our self progression. It took me years of looking deep inside myself to find the answers I was secretly searching for. They were all right there in front of me.

I was both the problem and solution.

When I discovered "The Ice Man" Wim Hof, he helped me tap into something so much deeper than anything on the surface of managing stress. I have been an avid user of his breath work and cold therapy since 2017, and my life will never be the same.

I now understand myself in every situation that comes my way. I never focus on the others around, because I cannot change them. The only thing I have control over, is myself.

Mudick and Hof practicing breath and motion calisthenics.
Mudick (left) trained with cold exposure, yoga, and breathwork guru Wim Hof (right). After discovering the benefits of ice baths, Mudick became the first customer to purchase a Morozko Forge.

The Wim Hof Method taught me to be truly present and feel the stress. The more I feel the freezing water around my body during cold immersion, the more I understand it and the greater chance I have to bring the best version of myself to the forefront.

What does it mean for me to bring my best version on myself?

I used to wonder what I could accomplish in bodybuilding if I really challenged myself. Could I compete at the highest level, without given up the functional training methods to which I'm committed?

Jerame Mudick in flex poses.
Mudick's functional bodybuilding approach earned him 4th place in a 2019 nationwide competition in Washington DC. Mudick's motto is ""I help humans find ways to adapt to life stressors and move better without pain."

At the OCB Pro Yorton Cup, I brought my best presentation ever. . This experience was full of so many wins before the competition ever began.

With Tyler Mayer's help, I brought a level of conditioning and quality of muscle to the stage that I'd previously only imagined. This was all achieved while keeping functionality at the forefront. I created the perfect balance between bodybuilding and @functionalpatterns and placed in the top 5 at this national level competition in Washington DC. I cant even express the amount of gratitude I have for all the love and support I received through this entire prep. @caitiecanacakosfit was the perfect partner for this amazing prep, and made sure we stayed on point with everything we had to do. The key for me was to create the space needed for my personal time to keep my soul, mind, and body all aligned. I never once let anything get in the way of my healing practices to ensure I kept sight of who I am and who I am striving to become. This challenge was an incredible experience and I am so blessed to have accomplished so much in the time frame that I did.

My biggest take away is this:

Our reality is created by us, if we choose it to be.

The things we do in our lives can either serve us or secretly destroy us. WE have the power to change and grow for the better, or the worse.

It is OUR responsibility to choose.


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