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Deliberate Cold Exposure  Meditations

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The Morozko Method Podcast

Learn more about the effects of Deliberate Cold Exposure and how the practice of regular ice baths can change your life. On The Morozko Method podcast, Adrienne shares her story and the stories of others as they develop a practice of cold water immersion. 

Find out why so many people are having life-changing results from one of nature's greatest resources - cold water. 

Become a Morozko Certified DCE Guide

Has Deliberate Cold Exposure (DCE) had a profound effect on your life? Do you want to share those benefits with others? 

Adrienne shares a comprehensive training protocol for you to develop your own coaching practice. 

She teaches you how to remain calm while carrying your clients through the fight or flight response that is activated in a freezing ice bath. You will learn her tips and techniques for creating an atmosphere of healing through Deliberate Cold Exposure and Contrast Exposure. 

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One on One Guidance

Our resident DCE Guide, Adrienne Jezick, developed a full sensory immersion experience to prepare you for Deliberate Cold Exposure. By stimulating each of the five senses, she is preparing you to carry your practice beyond the ice and into your life. 

Adrienne provides guided sessions for individuals, couples and corporate teams designed to dig deep into the healing you wish to create for yourself and your relationships with others. 

Each session includes sound and vibration healing, sensory stimulation, and guided ice bath with sauna. You will end your session feeling enriched, alive and focused on your path ahead. 

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