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Original Morozko Forge

Original Morozko Forge

The ORIGINAL MOROZKO FORGE is constructed from a zinc galvanized stock tank that varies from 22-24" wide with rounded ends. The Forge is comfortable and less costly, but the appearance and dimensions of the stock tanks varies and is not guaranteed. Most stock tank units have cosmetic blemishes or inconsistencies that do not affect performance.


    Your Original Forge is protected by a 2-year, non-transferrable warranty covering all manufacturing defects and malfunction.  If you are not ecstatic with your purchase after 30 days of taking delivery, you may return your Original Forge for a refund of your purchase price, less shipping. Morozko does not charge restocking or other extraneous return fees.

    Your Original Forge is only for in-home use. Stock tanks are not constructed nor warrantied for commercial use.

    NOTE: Upgraded wooden lids require placement of your ice bath either indoors or outdoors under cover from direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other excessive moisture.  Regular reapplication of the Morozko recommended tung oil will greatly extend the life of your wooden lid.


    Original Morozko Forge stock tanks typically contain minor cosmetic blemishes that do not impair performance and are not considered warrantied defects.  Forge will make ice, disinfect water, comes with natural, tung oil finish, and are fully grounded, just like new Morozko Ice Baths.  While the filter capacity in the Original Forge is identical to the Morozko Ice Bath, cooling is provided by a 1/3HP condensing unit with the same ice-making capability as the Morozko Ice Bath.


    Measurements vary by unit and are dependent on availability at the time of ordering.  Tubs are approximately 6ft long, and tub width varies between 22" and 24".  Due to the stock tank manufacturing process, width cannot be guaranteed. Your Original Forge will be built with a floor footprint of 32”x96” and weigh approximately 350lb empty (nearly 1000lb full).

  • LIDS

    Original Forge come standard with a durable indoor/outdoor insulated vinyl-clad Desert Tan spa cover (other color options are not available). Choose the premium wooden lid upgrade for a more attractive appearance indoors, or for sheltered outdoors use under a roof, protected from direct sunlight and rainfall.  


    Expect shipment 8-10 weeks after purchase. (Expedited delivery might not available for Original Morozko Forge units). 


    Morozko ice baths are sold for personal, recreational use.  Ice baths are not medical devices, and do not treat nor diagnose disease.  Morozko ice baths and related marketing claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Cold water immersion entails health risks. Customers are responsible for their own safety and cold plunge at their own risk.  Consult your medical doctor about risks and benefits specific to your conditions.  Anyone with a history of hypertension (high blood pressure) should not practice ice baths without medical supervision.

PriceFrom $9,900.00