I am an Emergency Physician and health/longevity enthusiast with long standing interests in cold and heat exposure/adaptation, breathwork/Wim Hof, intermittent fasting, exercise, mindfulness and general good disciplines. I have been Polar Plunging for over 30 years, and have for even longer enjoyed the benefits of cold and hot cycling.

I bought my Forge a year ago and it has since been a daily enjoyment - most commonly involving a 5 minute plunge in it's ice-topped waters.

I now couple it to sauna sessions with a barrel sauna that I built.

So awesome!

HB Kelleher

DREAM come true. The Morozko Forge is a life changer; absolute recovery gold. Jason and the team surpassed any/every pre-conceived notion we had about the functionality- NOT your typical cold bath, ICE COLD. Stoked!

Josh Button

At first I was a bit apprehensive as I never experienced anything quite like this. A friend suggested I try an ice bath for the purposes of healing myself further both physically, mentally and spiritually. I was open as you should be anytime you're trying an alternative therapy that doesn't involve pharmaceuticals. The location was comfortable and welcoming. The waiting room area is missing a tray full of grapes and a belly dancer but otherwise I'm quickly at ease with the next step in the process. Awaiting me our my guides Adrienne and Claire and they detail my next steps. We focus on breathing and eventually letting go as I'm submerged in the ice cold bath. My focus is solely on my breathing and I eventually become comfortably numb. I get warm in the sauna shortly after and repeat the relaxation methods instructed all while being guided into focus. I finish and walk out reenergized ready to deal with the world but appreciative of my temporary escape in the concrete Phoenix desert. Thank you Morozko Forge for a delightful afternoon.to share reviews about you, your services or your business. Get site visitors excited to jump into action with you!

This experience is hard to describe, but it is one of the most incredible things I've ever been through. I sought out cold therapy with Adrienne mainly for help with pain management, but ended up with so much more. Both times I have done a plunge I've felt like I couldn't handle the extreme cold while in the water, but both times Adrienne was right there coaching me through to 2 minutes. Adrienne has a way of being able to calm you while also helping you find inner strength you never knew was there.

Michelle Keohane

Absolutely incredible. Ice baths changed my entire life, and I credit them with keeping me physically healthy and mentally grounded.

Anna McNally

The cold experience helped me realize a part of myself that's been holding back; numb from day to day stress and distractions. My cold coach Adrienne was lovely in her use of words of encouragement and healing frequencies to bring my mind into focus before/during/after my plunge. I loved it, felt cared for and renewed by the experience. WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE .. it feels wonderful to overcome discomfort and tap into your inner strength you never knew existed.

Mairin Cooley

I have a goal to own a Morozko Forge one day. Until then, I will continue to seek out the cold wherever I can and hope Adrienne will host more ice bath events. She has a way with calming AND empowering you through her smooth voice and fierce, consoling words. This is good stuff.

Maria N


Phoenix Arizona, USA

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