Hydra: Ice Bath Water Treatment System

Hydra: Ice Bath Water Treatment System

The new Morozko Hydra is a portable water filtration and disinfection system for restoring the water in chest freezers, or other unfiltered ice baths. The Hydra employs Morozko's microfiltration and ozone disinfection technology, mounted on wheels for easy rollout and storage. Now you can vacuum clean and disinfect your cold water, save on water changes, and share your ice bath with friends, free of contamination concerns.  The Hydra makes regular practice of deliberate cold exposure more affordable than ever.


Order online for immediate placement in our production queue at flat rate shipping, or email info@morozkoforge.com for a custom quote for delivery to your curb. Now accepting deposits for pre-order.


    The Hydra uses a standard, three-pronged grounded 110V power.  Mounted on wheels, it will roll away for easy storage.  It comes with the necessary hoses to allow you to vacuum your entire ice bath.


    Return for refund of purchase price if not ecstatic after 30 days. 
    2-year warranty against malfunction. All refunds prior to production will be subject to a 3% processing fee.


    The Hydra is a portable, temporary water filtration system intended only for use in ice baths.  Because the fIltration system will add energy to the water, it may warm your ice bath.  It is not intended for use longer than 4-6 hours.  The water disinfection provided is temporary, and the water produced is not potable or suitable for drinking.  The Hydra is sold only for personal, recreational use. 

    The Hydra is not a medical product. No medical claims or warranties are made. The Hydra has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  

    Cold water immersion entails health risks. Customers are responsible for their own safety and plunge at their own risk. Consult your medical doctor about risks and benefits specific to your conditions.