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COVID-19 Research Support

The public health response to COVID-19 is inadequate, because it works from the outside, in.  Social distancing, personal protection equipment, quarantine, self-isolation, and lock-down are all strategies for reducing transmission rates by controlling the external environment. While the hope is that outside-in approaches will slow the rate of infection, this approach is counter productive for everyone except the elderly and those with specific co-morbidities, because it leaves those unexposed without exposure and resultant immunity.


By contrast, The Morozko Method forges health from the inside, out.  Our strategy builds immunity within the body, reduces the severity and duration of symptoms, and reduces the risk of secondary infections.


Current public health strategies attack COVID-19 at its greatest strength -- contagion.  As a consequence, the outside-in approach may make matters worse. To the extent that isolation leaves large populations without immunity, reducing the rate of exposure might set up a Second Deadly Wave analogous to the 1918 flu pandemic that killed millions.


That's why the inside-out strategy is essential, because the long-lasting solution to COVID-19 is to build immunity.  This also has the advantage of attacking COVID-19 at its greatest weakness: COVID-19 can't kill the young.  Data from Italy and China indicate that children and young adults bear little risk of death, and are often entirely asymptomatic.  Moreover, reports from Emergency Room doctors indicate that those young adults who do need intensive treatment exhibit a characteristic pattern of high-dose use of acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol, to treat fever).  Because acetaminophen is toxic to the liver, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, e.g., Ibuprofen) are toxic to the gastrointestinal tract, young adults who treat fevers exceeding 104F with an ice bath, rather than these drugs, will reduce their need for intensive medical treatment.


The Morozko Method is a set of lifestyle practices designed to lower biological (compared with chronological) age, thereby imparting the protective characteristics of youth to older adults, and build inside-out immunity to COVID-19 and secondary infections.  We believe that attacking the pandemic at its greatest weakness is an essential component of a comprehensive public health strategy, even though the inside-out approach has yet to become part of official policy. 


To advance our strategy of inside-out immunity, we're compiling research on deliberate cold exposure, a ketogenic diet, fasting, sunlight, brown fat, and Vitamin D so that we can develop the practices and build the equipment necessary for our community to remain healthy, strong, and serve others.


Developing, documenting, and disseminating effective, science-based methods requires an intensive and expensive research effort.  You can support the Morozko Method COVID-19 Project by purchasing increments of $100 in our web store.  We will raise $250,000 over the next six months to esnure that we have the right science, practices and equipment in place to prepare our community before the Deadly Second Wave arrives in September, and you will receive a Morozko Forge T-shirt for every $100 increment purchased.


Some customers may believe, as we do, in the exceptional urgency and importance of this project and have the means to support it at a larger scale  When you're ready to participate in the Morozko Method COVID-19 Project as an equity partner, write to and communicate your interest. 


We will find a role for you.