Thoughts on COVID-19

As this thing keeps playing out my concerns turn away from the virus and economic fallout, whatever the results of those may be, and towards the increase in polarization that is occurring and will continue to occur in a society that was already dysfunctionally polarized. We will never have a window into an alternate reality where we made different choices and can see what different effects those choices would have lead to. Any speculation about what could have happened will only be and forever remain speculation. Just as our current emotions, thoughts and actions (in that order) are aligned to our previously held emotions, thoughts and actions, so will be the after analyses aligned with the emotions, thoughts and actions of those who conduct those analyses. There is no such thing as an objective analysis. Those of us who were pushing for a socialist revolution last year now see a time to do as we’re told and accept top-down implementation for our own good, even at the direct cost of our fundamental way of life. Those of us who were wary of the loss of individual liberty and rights last year now see a time to protect those philosophical dynamics, even at the direct cost of real lives. I’m not immune to seeing more value in one than the other based on my own emotions, thoughts and actions (in that order). We’ll argue over who was right and who was wrong, again with no way of objectively knowing. We’ll unfollow, unfriend and block. We’ll stop going to family functions with that argumentative uncle and we’ll continue to sort ourselves into digital tribes all staring at increasingly different digital content self-selected and filtered by our emotions, thoughts and actions (in that order). The world experienced by physical neighbors will become increasingly contrasted and divided, especially if our public spaces and ability to experience each other in real life (IRL) is further reduced. Even when the official lockdowns are lifted, many of us will have settled into a new “stay at home” way of life. Our world-views will remain fundamentally unchanged, only reinforced. The only difference will be the distance in-between those world views, and that’s what I’m becoming more concerned with. Ripples in the pond...

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected. Jason C. Stauffer President Morozko Forge

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