Ozone & Cold Water: A Perfect Match

Updated: May 6

The most powerful and safe disinfecting agent available for water treatment systems is ozone -- more powerful than chlorine and bromine, and safer because it consists only of pure oxygen. Ozone is a chemical rearrangement of O2, the usual form of oxygen in the atmosphere, into a less stable, more powerful combination of three oxygen atoms, O3. The third oxygen atom is what makes ozone such a strong oxidizing agent. It is the oxidizing power of ozone that destroys pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and cleans the water by attacking other organic compounds like algae, and old skin cells. Ozone even destroys pollutants like benzene, toluene, xylenes (BTX), methyltertbutylether (MTBE), and volatile organochlorinated compounds. It even destroys the deadly ebola virus (Davies 2015).

ozone structure for water disinfection in ice baths