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"This is what cold feels like."
Morozko Forge
The world's first ice bath.

Ben Greenfield ice bath breathwork

"Every single day during this quarantine, right before dinner, my boys and I have been doing meditation and breathwork in the sauna for 20 minutes, followed by a long cold soak in the Morozko...

"I can’t recommend this highly enough."


Ben Greenfield


Morozko Ice Baths

Why do we practice Deliberate Cold Exposure? Because our lives depend on it!

Regular cold water cryotherapy practitioners can experience life-changing improvements in personal health. 


Scientific studies and our own experience indicate that deliberate cold exposure can:

  • Boost brain health.

  • Strengthen the immune system.

  • Enhance mitochondrial function.

  • Support reproductive health.

  • Regulate the thyroid.

  • Help manage stress.

Read more about the science and experience of deliberate cold exposure in The Journal of the Morozko Method.

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Backed By Research

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