What Kind of Maintenace Does it Need? How do You Drain it, and How Often?


Our filtered models use Ozone Generation to keep your water crystal clear without the need for harsh chemicals like chlorine. Check out more about Ozone here: https://www.morozkoforge.com/post/ozone-cold-water-a-perfect-match

You will clean your inlet strainer, similar to the way you clean your dryer lint filter after a load of laundry. It will collect towel and clothing lint, hair and other debris. Here is an instructional video for how to: https://youtu.be/_92r6l4wB2g


Filtered Forges will maintain clear, clean water for months (if not years, depending on usage) between filter changes. We recommend the Hayward C225 replacement cartridge when it is time to change your filter. You can also easily remove your filter cartridge to clean it by hosing it off with your garden hose shown here: https://youtu.be/ilZFzPUfE9k

Filtered Forge comes with a detachable hose that can be used as a vacuum, or as a discharge hose, depending on the port to which you plug it. The hose attaches right into your regular garden hose, so you can use the Forge pump to discharge to a household drain, or outdoors.


The unfiltered models come with an aquarium pump and hose that will do the same job.


In our Yard, we use a shop vac to get the last inch of water out.

Our filtered Filtered and Prism Forges only need the water changed if there is unexpected contamination. Our unfiltered Cold Forges will be changed as needed, approximately once per month, based on use. 

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